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Alone. (Part 2)

           I’m woken by a soft nudge on the shoulder. Mother. I groan and turn my body away from the hand, hoping that she’ll just go away. But, the hand persists and starts to move back and forth across my back, caressing, smooth, loving. Not Mother. I groan again and try to move farther away, but the strong hand reaches around me and spins me towards it all in one movement. Joe.

            I feel his warmth come towards me as he leans down and gives me a kiss on the forehead. I smile and open my eyes to look up towards him. Jesus, he is beautiful. His hair is just a mess, he’s wearing his nerd glasses, his face is rough and stubbly and his Stones t-shirt perfectly frames his perfectly toned arms. How is this boy mine?

            He smiles back at me, his copper eyes glowing. “Good morning beautiful,” he says, his hand cupping my face.

            I reach my hand towards his and wrap my fingers around it. “Hi.” My voice comes out raspy and disgusting. He makes a face.

            “I didn’t see you last night. Were you even there?” His face is etched with concern. Oh, baby if you only knew.

            “Yeah, I just left early. I was too tired for the after party. How was it?” I try to sit myself up, digging my hands into the bed and pushing up all of my body weight, but I collapse. He sucks in his breath and leans closer to me, wrapping his arms around me, almost lying next to me in the bed.

            “Babe, what’s wrong?” He asks, leaning down to get something on the floor next to him. I wince when I see it. Breakfast in bed. There’s a muffin, scrambled eggs, banana, and orange juice, all beautifully arranged with a red rose. He pulls me up and props me on my pillow and lays the tray across my lap. I stare at it as I feel his eyes burn into me, waiting for me to say something, or do something. But I just stare.

            “What’s wrong?” He says it so plainly, more serious this time. He’s not hoping for an answer, he’s demanding it. I don’t know why but tears well up in my eyes as my eyes meet his.

            “How was the after party?” I ask again, and he shakes his head. He reaches his hand towards mine and rubs his thumb over all my fingers.

            He stares at me for a long time until he smiles and whispers, “I was miserable, you weren’t there.” I can’t help but smile back. His relief is visible once he sees my smile. Maybe that means he won’t make me eat…

            “Eat.” He says pointing at the food. I look down at the lumps of fat, calories, and carbs and slowly shake my head back and forth. I cannot put that in my body. My body is too big as it is, I’d rather it shrink than explode.

            “Demi,” he says, as he picks up the fork and scoops up some scrambled eggs, “please eat. You look like you haven’t eaten in days.” Well, that makes sense, since I haven’t. His eyes scan my body and he finally realizes something and laughs. “Why are you still in a dress?”

            “I was too tired last night.” Yes, please, talk about anything but food.

            “Yes, I figured.” He takes another look at the dress, stands up from his kneeling position beside my bed and holds out his hand to me. “Up.” I roll my eyes. My one day off and he’s trying to get me out of bed. From the two years that he’s known me, he should know better.

            “There is no way I’m getting out of this bed before noon.”

            He wiggles his fingers at me and says, “We have things to do, babe. Out. Of. Bed.”

            I quickly put the tray back on the floor and slide back down under my covers. But, he’s too fast for me. In a second he’s ripped the covers off and gracefully, but forcefully, slid his body on top of me. He pins my arms down onto the bed on either side of my head. I wiggle and writhe and scream under his strong hands, but it’s no use. I give up the fight and lie still beneath him. Suddenly it’s quiet except for our heavy panting from the mini brawl we just had beneath the sheets. I take the moment to take in his beautiful face, and marvel at the expression he’s wearing. He’s in love, there’s no doubt. And of course so am I. I could literally stay in this position forever. In the privacy of my own room, my own bed, completely surrounded by my bed sheets, and even more surrounded by the body of the man I love. Forever.

            I know he’s thinking the same thing, and for what seems like an eternity we just stare at each other. And all at once, the loving fantasy is over. But a new one begins. His mouth violently closes over mine, and I meet him the same way. His tongue bursts through my lips and he lets go of my arms and I’m free. I tangle my hands in his hair pulling, pulling as he invades my mouth. His hands are everywhere. They’re in my hair, my breasts; he slowly, ever so slowly, moves them down my body, bringing me higher and higher. I feel him growing against my leg as I match the acrobatics of his tongue. We move together, feeling every part of each other.

            His lips leave mine, and decide to take a different course. He kisses my jaw, my neck, and trails kisses down my chest until he reaches my breast. My breath hitches and my hands move towards his shoulders, guiding him. I push him toward my left breast and he sucks. I let out a loud moan. He immediately stops and looks up at me. I look at him. He moves his body so that his face is directly above mine. His pupils are dilated and his lips are red and shiny. I’m panting and helpless beneath him.

            “I have plans for today.” He whispers to me.

            “Well, this is how we can start today,” I whisper back, reaching up and massaging behind his ear, his favorite place. He moans and closes his eyes leaning his head into my touch.

            He opens his eyes, puts his hands on either side of face and leans his forehead against mine. “Oh, Demetria Lovato, what in the world am I going to do with you?”

            I smile. “Whatever you would like.” And with that, we slip into our own world, our own paradise. We’re a mixture of soft skin and flailing limbs and we move as one. My problems of my Hollywood life disappear. Nobody knows my name. Nobody can tell me what to do. No one expects anything from me here. Only Joe. It’s just us. From now until forever.

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