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Don’t Leave Me

Don’t Leave Me

             “Baaaabe don’t leave me,” Justin groaned. He blindly reached his arm out and wrapped it around Selena’s warm stomach to pull her back into bed.

            “Justin!” Selena screeched playfully as she was dragged back into their dark warm cave. They turned to face each other underneath the sheets, unable to face the sunlight just yet. They could just make out the contours of each other’s faces that they had grown to know so well in the dim light. “I don’t wanna leave either,” Selena whispered as he cupped his hand around her face.

            “So don’t.” He leaned forward and closed her protesting mouth with his soft lips. They started to get lost in each other again. He swiftly moved his body on top of hers, pinning her into the mattress.

            “Jay,” she said out of breath, “I’m gonna be late.”

            “So what? Are they gonna fire you?” He moved from her lips down to her neck, sucking hard.

            “No no no,” she muttered pulling his head away from her sensitive skin. “We can’t do this now, I seriously have to go.” She carefully slipped out from underneath him and felt the cold air hit her exposed skin as she got out from underneath the covers. She immediately wrapped her arms around herself and ran towards her dresser for clothes.

            “Just come back to bed, babe. It’s nice and warm in here…” Justin said, his voice drifting off. His eyes were closed and he rocked back and forth in the huge, soft bed, absolutely loving the fact that he had the day off.

            “Stop teasing me. You know how much I wanna get back in that bed,” Selena said as she reached behind her to clip her bra.

            “I’m not teasing you,” he laughed, heavy with sleep, “I’m just informing you of the temperature of –“

            “Shut up!” She snapped.

            He stopped rolling around the bed and propped himself up on some pillows to get a good view of her. She was in just her bra and panties, holding up a shirt in each hand, her mouth in a hard line.

            “You okay?” He said softly.

            “No.” She said as she pulled a shirt over her head. When she got her head through and looked back in the mirror, he was behind her. Without a word, she turned towards him and practically fell into his embrace. They stood there for a long time as tears ran down her face and he tried his best to keep himself together. Justin steadily rubbed circles on her back and smoothed her hair as she silently sobbed into the shoulder of his shirt. After some time, she finally calmed down.

            He took her head with both of his hands from its spot on his shoulder and guided her to his eyes. “I love you,” he said as he wiped the tears from her eyes with both of his thumbs.

            “I love you too,” she nodded.

            “So what’s wrong?”

            She held his hands on the side of her face and gently put them back at his sides. “I can’t take leaving you like this,” she said, wiping her face. “All the time.”

            “Selena,” he laughed gently, “I’m seeing you tonight.”

            “I know! It’s just,” she walked away from him and started pacing the room, “sure this time we’re seeing each other again soon. But what about those three months we were away from each other? What happened to all that lost time? Why can’t we make up one of those days today? Why do I have to go to a meeting? Why do you get to stay here? What happens when you go on tour and I don’t see you for who knows how long?”

            She was running across the room at this point and he caught her around the waist and sat her down on the floor with a thud. “Selena, I’m not going anywhere. We’re fine. We have more obstacles than other couples but that doesn’t change the fact that I love you so, so, so incredibly much.” A hint of a smile appeared on her face. Her eyes had returned to their normal color and her face had become less puffy.

            “Don’t wear that shirt,” he said as he got up and walked towards where they had discarded their clothes the night before. He picked up his striped shirt, the one she had complimented him on last night, and brought it over. “Wear this.”

            She got up from her place on the floor. “Really?” She said smiling.

            “Hands up,” he said softly. She complied and he gently pulled the shirt she was wearing over her head and replaced it with his own. “Perfect,” he muttered as he rubbed his hands against both of her arms.

            She caught a glimpse of the clock behind his head and gasped. “Oh my God! I’m actually late!” She rushed back to the mirror, put on pants, and quickly some make up.

            “You look beautiful,” he assured her as he watched, slightly amused, as she hurried to put on her mascara. She smiled back at him and rolled her eyes. So he went and opened the door for her. Taking the stance of doorman, he held the doorknob with one hand and put the other arm behind his back, straight posture, and looked as serious as he could without wearing any pants. She threw her bag over he shoulder and realized that the door was already open.

            “Why thank you, kind sir,” she laughed.

            “You’re welcome, my lady,” he said. “A tip for the kind doorman, miss?”

            “Oh how could I forget?” She took his face with her hand and kissed him with all the passion she could in the five seconds that she had. When their lips pulled away from each other, their faces stayed close.

            “I love you,” she whispered.

            “More than anything,” he responded.

            With that, she rushed out the door. He smiled and stepped out into the hallway to watch her run towards the elevator with her hair blowing behind her and his shirt on her skin.

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