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Out of Control (Part 2)

           “Good morning love.” His arms wrapped around me from behind and he smushed his lips against my cheek. When he started rocking his head back and forth playfully, I pushed him away. “What?” He questioned, as he opened the cabinet to get himself a coffee mug.

            I just shrugged. I pulled the sleeves of his sweatshirt down over my hands and wrapped them around the warm mug. I felt his eyes staring at me but I kept my eyes focused on the black coffee, and swiveled back and forth on the kitchen stool. In a second he was behind me again, rubbing my back softly.

            “Something wrong, babe?”

            I looked at him. He was wearing the same grey sweatpants that he wears literally every morning, and no shirt. I don’t think he’s ever washed those pants. His hair was a gorgeous disaster, his face was stubbly, and his eyes had that groggy, hungover look. I could tell he was wracking his brain, trying to remember what had happened last night.

            “Drink your coffee,” I said nodding to his empty mug, “Black.”

            He set down the mug on the counter and perched himself on his own stool right next to mine. “Miley,” he began, dropping his head into his hands and tangling his fingers in his nest of hair, “I honestly have no idea what happened last night. But I apologize in advance.” I kept my eyes glued to the mug. I couldn’t look at him or I would burst. I wanted to stay mad at him, but I already knew that I would cave by the time he left the kitchen. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and I shrunk back from him. “Please babe. I’m sorry.”

            “You were a mess.” I deadpanned. His hand dropped from the side of my face and landed with a slap on his leg. I couldn’t help it, I had to look at him. It only made me angrier. “You wouldn’t even stand upright. I had to call Zac!” I didn’t know if he remembered that part or not, but I was using it to my advantage either way. “Do you know how embarrassing that is Liam? I had to interrupt his Saturday night to come collect me and my boyfriend from some random bar. I mean, I’m kind of trying to uphold a reputation, at least with people I care about.”

            “You care about him?” He visibly shrunk. His voice was suddenly higher and his muscles contracted as if some monster had just appeared in front of him.

            “Really? That’s all you heard from what I just said? He’s my friend Liam, nothing more! Bottom line, you need to get your act together. Be a gentleman. Be responsible. Jesus, just be able to take care of your girlfriend instead of me taking care of you!” At this point, I had hopped off of my stool, and after that final stab, I headed for the doorway. Right before I reached it, he grabbed my hand and whipped me around with incredible force. I was trapped in his arms against his bare chest for a split second before he lifted my face up and crushed his lips against mine.

            I struggled against his harsh grasp until he finally got the point and let me go. “That’s not gonna work this time!” I yelled, stepping back, disgusted. “That doesn’t make you sexy. That doesn’t turn me on. It just makes you look desperate.” And then suddenly, my blood started to cool, and my face started to relax, as I realized that everything I said was the complete opposite. Everything he did was sexy, and turned me on, and truthfully, I was the one who was desperate in this situation, he just had to figure it out.

            “I have to go,” I mumbled, but didn’t move.

            Our eyes stared into each other for a really long time. I felt his gaze burn through me, burn down there, and I was on fire. I needed him. It didn’t matter what he had done last night, at this moment in time, he was the only thing in the world that mattered.

            I knew he was feeling the exact same way and he hungrily grabbed me and lifted me off the floor, slamming me against the kitchen counter.

            “You honestly need to work on your self control…” I breathed into his ear as I cradled his head onto my chest. My breath hitched as he moved his head further down, shoving me hard against the counter. “Ow,” I breathed, but he paid no attention. He was already on his knees pulling down the lace panties I had on from last night.

            “Liam!” I took his head in my hands and yanked him up so we were face to face. His puppy dog eyes looked so adorably sexy.

            “Yes, baby…” He whispered softly as he slowly trailed the back of his fingers down the side of my face. I leaned into his touch but then snapped out of it and pushed myself up so I was comfortably sitting on the counter top.

            “I cannot believe we’re doing this right now,” I said, drawing his head back to where it was before. He glanced up at me for a split second right before plunging his head between my legs. I let out a scream as his tongue unexpectedly explored and brought me places we had never been before. My whole body was shaking and my sweaty hands slipped on the granite so I just let myself lay down flat on the countertop. My whole focus was between my legs. Every piece of me was there. Nothing else was around me. Sight, smell, sound, touch, taste; they were all in one tiny spot on my body.

            “Liuuum,” I groaned as he started moving back and forth forcing my whole body into the same rhythm. I tangled my hands in his hair and attempted to resurface him. “Babe,” The sound of my voice only made him close his mouth around me again, and my back automatically arched against the flat surface, begging for purchase. “Babe,” I tried again, “I’m gonna come, Liam.”

            He made a grunting sound like some kind of animal, and suddenly his mouth was replaced with his fingers and his eyes were glued to mine. There was some kind of force pulling us together and my body pulled me upright so our faces were just inches apart, but his fingers were still inside me. I put my hands on both sides of his face and watching each other’s facial expressions just made it all the more exciting. The feeling was so intense I had to close my eyes. “That’s kind of the point, babe.” He whispered onto my lips.

            He dug deeper and deeper and I smashed my lips together, concentrating on that one spot. I’d never come from this before. We’d never done it this way, but it was awesome. It was so incredibly exciting, exhilarating. But it was different and I kept climbing and climbing and getting lost in it, but I couldn’t reach that point. I felt him try to pull his fingers out, but I just shook my head and he continued.

            “Miley,” he whispered. I grunted in response, moving my body to the rhythm of his hand. “Miley open your eyes.” And I did. His eyes were on fire, his jaw was slack and his mouth hung open with those shiny red lips that had just eaten me alive. It took all of my self-control to keep myself from shutting my eyes again and drifting off. He looked dead into my eyes with a fire that burned right through me, shooting straight down to where his fingers were burning me and said, “Come for me.”

            I threw my body into his touch, and we were moving together. He dug deeper and deeper and I climbed higher, higher, writhing on the counter top, pushing his hand deeper inside, guiding around in the tantalizing circles that made me scream, louder and louder. And finally, I unraveled, screaming his name incoherently, screaming my head off. I was sprawled on the cold counter top, my chest heaving up and down, my breath panting. He hovered over me and smiled. “That,” he breathed, “was fucking amazing.”

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